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This magick soak is made for your inner Goddess.  This sea salt is infused with Activated Charcoal to help remove impurities from the body.  Dead sea salt is added for the abundance of 21 minerals that it contains.  One of the important minerals being Magnesium which is involved in 300 essential reactions in your body.  This includes muscle movement and repair, energy production, and the strengthening of bones.  It is a powerful anti-inflammatory, fights against depression, and helps to improve sleep.  Roses (being high in Vitamin C + E) are added to help repair the skin from flaws and boost collagen production.  


Black Lava + Rose Goddess Soak

  • Black Lava Salt (Sea Salt + Activated Charcoal), Dead Sea Salt, Rose Petals*, Rose Powder*, Rose Essential Oil, Grapeseed Oil


    Comes with a piece of rose or clear quartz


    *Certified Organic

    100% Vegan

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