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These body oils are solar infused with flowers and herbs.  They provide long lasting moisture without a greasy feeling.  Use as a body oil, perfume, or hair oil. 


Comes in 2 oz glass bottle with dropper or 10 ml roller ball bottle depending on what is chosen

Body Oils

  • Rose/Geranium 2 OZ:  Grapeseed Oil,  Jojoba Oil*, Rose Petals*, Frankincense Resin*, Essential Oils of Rose and Geranium*

    Rose/Geranium Roller:  Grapeseed Oil,  Rose Petals*, Essential Oils of Rose and Frankincense.

    Chamomile/Lavender 2 OZ:  Grapeseed Oil, Jojoba Oil*,  Chamomile Flowers*,  Lavender Flowers*,  Hibiscus Flowers*,  Essential Oils of Lavender*, Bergamot*, Sweet Orange*

    Chamomile/Lavender Roller:  Grapeseed Oil,  Chamomile Flowers*, Lavender Flowers*, Essential Oils of Lavender*

    Lemon/Rosemary:  Grapeseed Oil, Rosemary*, Rosehip*, Essential Oils of Lemon*, Rosemary*


    Eucalyptus/Mint: Grapeseed Oil, Rosemary*, Essential Oils of Eucalyptus*


    *Certified Organic

    100% Vegan


  • Apply to body as needed.  Avoid face if prone to breakouts as oils are thicker.  If any irritation occurs, discontinue use.  Store in a cool/dark place and make sure cap is applied tightly after each use to prolong shelf life.

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