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Our candles are made with 100% soy wax.  Soy burns cleaner, longer/slower, and is a renewable material.


**For our minis, it is best to use a match to light / re-light due to the shape.  Lighters tend to not work as well.


*If something is not available, help to send an email as these can be made upon request. 


*Help to send an email first if you're ordering for an event.  These can be done with customizable labeling.  Pricing will vary depending on quanity/labeling.

Mini Mason Jars

  • Trim wick to 1/4" each time before using

    Clean any excess debris or large flower/herbs out before burning (crystals are ok to leave) Flowers/herbs can be burned separately or in the candle but keep a close eye on these as they will create a larger flame. These will have a earthier smell but are great to use for smudging as well. 

    As these do have loose herbs/flowers melted in the wax, ensure you are keeping an eye on this candle while burning and not leaving unattended to prevent fires.

    Keep away from pets, curtains, fans, small children or any loose articles that can catch fire.

    Do not use the cap to extinguish.  Blow out or use a candle extinguisher.  Ensure all flames are out before leaving or discarding.

    Discard when the wax is down to 1/4"


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