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This is made of organic white sage and vary between 3-5" long.   Sage is used to get rid of negative energy and kills bacteria in the air/deodorizes.  Light on fire until a good flame is going and gently blow out until thick smoke forms.  Keep gently blowing to keep smoke going while you perform your smudging ritual.  Extinguish completely (can re-use if there is some left) Dispose outdoors in the ground (not the toilet or garbage) 


Floral smudge sticks are made with organic white sage, flowers that are locally availble (may include lavender, roses, eucalyptus, variety of seasonal flowers)


Floral smudge sticks with crystal + palo santo will include all of the above + palo santo + a crystal (amethyst, quartz, rose quartz, or selenite) If you have a preference on crystal, send me an email or include in the message box when you order. *Remove crystal before burning. 



**For large or specialty orders, please send me an email before ordering.

Smudge Stick

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