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Equipped for all your smudging needs!  Neatly packaged in a giftable white kraft box.


Positive Vibes Energy Kit:

3-5" Sage smudge stick

2 oz Sage Room Spray

Assorted loose herbs (sweetgrass, frankincense, rosemary etc.)


Palo Santo 

Tea Light


Sweet Dreams Energy Kit:

3-5" Floral Smudge Stick (will include sage, eucalyptus, flowers, and lavender or similar)

2 oz Moon Magick Spray

Assorted loose herbs (lavender, rose, sage, frankincense, bay leaf etc.)


Lavender tea light


Love Energy Kit:

Floral Smudge Stick (includes floral, sage, cinnamon stick)

Assorted Loose Herbs to burn (rose, sage, sweetgrass, frankincense)

Roller Ball Bottle of Rose Perfume Body Oil

Rose Quartz Crystal 

Tea Light


Relax Energy Kit:

1.5 oz package of Anti-Anxiety Facial Steam

Roller Ball Bottle of Stress + Anxiety Elixir

Rose Quartz

Loose herbs to burn (lavender, sage, bay leaf, frankincense etc.)

2 oz bottle of Lavender Spray

Tea Light

Smudging Kits

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