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Great for oily skin and breakouts.  Ditch your water and chemical-laden cleansers and try the oil cleansing method. This method is based on the premise that like dissolves like! Have you ever tried to wash an oily dish with just water? Doesn't work out well! So why would you wash the oils in your face with water? Furthermore, why would you pay insane amounts of money for a product that is filled with mostly water! This face wash is PACKED with yummy oils that are high in linoleic acid so they will NOT clog your pores. Hempseed + Castor oils act like a magnet, pulling out all the bad oils + dirt in your pores while leaving your skin clean and nourished. Lavender + Tea tree are powerful, yet gentle astringents that help to eliminate dirt and treat acne and blemishes. Lastly, Frankincense promotes healthy skin regeneration, keeps existing skin tissue healthy, reverses signs of aging, eliminates acne and inflammation, and can reduce and eliminate the appearance of scars and wrinkles! 100% Certified Organic + Vegan

Clarity Face Wash

  • Organic Hempseed Oil, Organic Castor Oil, Organic Essential Oils of Lavender, Tea Tree, Frankincense, Clary Sage

  • Only use me at night!  In the morning, you just need to rinse your face with some warm water or baking soda if you need a little something more. 


    Take a warm washcloth (microfiber works best as it's gentle, but a normal washcloth works great as well) and gently rub any makeup and buildup on the skin.  This will help to open pores, remove dead skin cells, and get off any makeup on the skin.  Avoid HOT water as this is not good for the skin.


    Take a quarter size amount of the cleansing oil and rub all over the face/neck/chest area.  Take time doing this step to give the oils a chance to absorb into your skin!


    Take your warm washcloth and place over the face for a good minute to help the oils get into the pores.  Begin to rub the excess oil off in gentle circles. 


    Splash some cold water on your face once you're done and pat dry.  Follow with a toner + moisturizer!


    Note: Breakouts in the first couple weeks are completely normal as your skin is adjusting to something completely new!  If breakouts persist or get worse after this point, discontinue use.  Your skin will feel oily when you're done washing and you might be tempted to continue to wash it off because that's what you're used to.  Leave a small amount of the oils on; they're good for you!  

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