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We'd love to hear from you!

If you're interested in stocking our products, you can also find us on FAIRE WHOLESALE

If you're local to central CT, you can also email for a line sheet.



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(send us an email for a list of international + out of state locations)


(private label candles only)

895 Whalley Ave

New Haven, CT 06515


(private label candles only)

30 Arbor St #107

Hartford, CT 06106


(limited selection of my products available online and at her events)


813 Main St S

Woodbury, CT 06798


We'll be on hiatus from events until further notice while on maternity leave <3

Baby coming November 2023 :)



Can I personalize an order?

Of course!  I can help choose alternative ingredients that better suit you and your needs, provide items in different sizes than listed, omit/add ingredients etc.   


Send me an email letting me know what you're looking for!  Additional charges may apply. 


What if I'm allergic to an ingredient?

Great question!  Although everything is sterilized before a product is made, you can never be too careful.  If you are allergic to an ingredient, it's best to send me an email to let me know before ordering to see if I can accomondate you.  Better to be safe than sorry!  Feel free to email me to ask any questions about the ingredients if you are unsure as well!  For example, people with allergies or sensitivity to aspirin should not use anything with birch oil.  


Are essential oils safe?

Essential oils are amazing, natural products that work very well if used properly.  They are also  very powerful and can be harmful if they are not used properly.  You should check with a doctor if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, on other medications, or have any allergies before using a product. Avoid use on babies or small children. Essential oils should never be taken internally unless directed by a medical professional.


Returns & Shipping Policy

To ensure the cleanest and most sanitary product possible, there are no returns or exchanges. ALL SALES ARE FINAL.   If you are unhappy with a product or if a product arrives damaged, please contact me at and I will work with you to resolve any issues.  Items are shipped via USPS and you will be provided with a tracking number.  If there are any issues with delivery, please contact the USPS first with any issues.  Items cannot be resent due to issues with transit and delivery.  Help to ensure your address is correct when sent.


Legal Stuff ;]

Black Orchid Skincare is licensed with the state of Connecticut to manufacture and sell cosmetics.  #CSM1240 All products offered are not intended to be used as a drug (treat or cure any disease) or to be consumed internally.  Please consult a doctor before using any products if you are on medications, pregnant, have allergies, or have any other concerns.  Discontinue use if any irritation occurs.  

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